Myrna Ehrlich

Over the past 15 years, Myrna has been creating one of a kind art pieces in various media. Her latest work includes greater than life pieces in paper mache. Most of her art work involves the human figure in motion. Some sculptures are highly stylized while others are done directly from models. She uses her power tools freely to remake a limb or to change a position to reflect her vision of the final figure.

Myrna started her art career with woodworking and has created one of a kind furniture pieces as well as kitchen cabinets. She is more interested in personalized furniture pieces than in standard pieces. Why spend time making what one can buy at Kmart?

Please browse through the gallery to get acquainted with Myrna's work. You'll find many type of art along the way. Have fun!

Myrna is available for limited custom work.

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